Accidently typed in wrong Windows Live ID during Outlook setup, now cannot change to the correct Live ID and unable to have any access to Microsoft Ou

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I recently purchased a new laptop computer with Windows 7 and Microsoft Student Home Office.
I chose to set up Microsoft Outlook 2010 with my Windows Live Hotmail email address. I installed the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector to my computer. During setup, when typing in my Live ID I accidently typed in the wrong address, an address that does not exist. Now whenever I try to access Outlook it says it is loading my profile and a Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector window appears and wants me to type in the password that goes along with the nonexisting address. I thought to fix this problem I could simply change the nonexistent Live ID in the box to the correct one but it will not let me click on the text box to change the incorrect Live ID to the correct one. There is only an option to insert my password, remember my password, and a link to click if I have forgotten my password.

Please help soon as I would really like to use Outlook to access my email accounts.

Brian Tillman

Use the Mail applet in Control Panel to remove the wrong Windows Live account from the mail profile. Start Outlook and add the correct Windows Live account.


Hi Brian,
thanks for the post. Unfortunately, the new Windows Live Mail 2011 email setup with Outlook was ambiguous and new things always seem to leave some doubt on what to be done.

So, I entered my regular email address, rather than the hotmail one and now I can't change it either. There is an option to find your password if you've forgotten it which doesn't help me.

Well, I went into the Windows 7
Control Panel
User Accounts
Show Profiles... and there's only my Outlook profile. No hotmail account or profile in my Outlook 2010?

I then check further by clicking the profile's

E-mail Accounts, however there's nothing related to hotmail?

Could you provide a path to where this is please?
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