'Sending 1 of 2 messages' displays in status bar but message box is empty. AOL SMPT not configured, other account is.

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[My antivirus is NOD-32]

I have Outlook configured to send and receive e-mail using my business account. I have also configured it to receive IMAP AOL but not for SMTP AOL to send (I prefer not to use my AOL account). If I reply to an AOL message, it selects my AOL account for sending. If I forget to change it to the business account before sending, it gets stuck in the Outbox where I can open it (after cancelling the send) and change the account. However, I think the two messages it keeps trying to send have be moved to a phantom Outbox, since the normal, functioning Outbox is empty. I cannot find any other Outboxes.

Any idea how to locate the phantom messages and delete (or change the account of) the messages?

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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