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I have many users who are experiencing a slowdown when previewing emails with
attachments. This is with Outlook 2003 SP3 connecting to Exchange 2007 SP1.
The same issue that other users have reported...the user clicks on an email
in the Inbox and there is a good 30 second to 1 minute delay before the
preview pane shows the contents of the email. Other times, even with the
same email, the preview comes right up.

I have disabled "Symantec AntiVirus Outlook Protection" in the Add-In Manager.

I checked the users Temporary folder and it does have 250MB of stuff in it,
but these are 160GB hard drives and there is plenty of free space on the
drive. Does that matter? Does the temp folder have its own space limits?

I don't want to enable cache mode since many of these users have HUGE
mailboxes and I don't want to store all that stuff locally.

One item to mention...the users who experience this issue say that when they
click on an email that has an attachment, Windows opens a new copy of the
"Inbox - Microsoft Outlook" application in the task manager. It does not
spawn a second copy of the OUTLOOK.EXE process, but they see two instances of
"Inbox - Microsoft Office" in the Applications list in the task manager.
Both show a status of "Not Responding". Then once the email contents appear
in the preview pane the second instance of "Inbox - Microsoft Outlook"
vanishes and the remaining instance goes back to a status of "Running".

Any thoughts as to why a second copy of the application would be launched
when an email with an attachment is previewed? Could that be the reason for
the slowdown? Thanks for any help!


Yes, the OLK* securetemp folder located in the Temporary Internet Files

"Diane Poremsky [MVP]" wrote:

> Is temporary folder the securetemp folder or something else?
> Outlook SecureTemp Files Folder
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