Outlook connector 14 - problems sending/replying to emails

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Outlook client - 2003 (Also configured for an exchange account.)

OS - windows 7 home 64bit

I installed this on a customers laptop that had a previous version of outlook connector on it. He had removed the old version and wasn't sure where to go. I installed the new outlook connector and everything looked good at first. Emails were received without error.

When sending email, the output is flakey. If I compose a fresh email and completely type out the 'to' address, it works and sends. If I reply to an existing email, it will stick in the outbox, and where it shows the destination address in the outbox, the format will be '=SMTP:email@email.com'.

If I compose a new email, and type the first character of a known email address, and then click that email to populate the 'to' field, it will hang in the outbox as well, but will not have the =SMTP prefix.

I've uninstalled outlook connector and reinstalled it, tried removing and readding the hotmail account, tried setting it as the default account, and nothing has fixed this.

Any ideas are appreciated. I'm guessing I might see this pop up from customers in the near future.

Niranjan I K

Note: this issue may occur if the contacts stored in the Auto-complete list (.nk2 file) or Outlook Contacts have become corrupt.

You may try to remove the .srs file which stores the send and receive settings for Outlook and verify if the issue still persists since this file may also raise this concern. To know the location for various files types associated with Outlook 2003, refer to the link below:


If the issue still continues then configure both the email accounts in a new Outlook profile and verify if the issue gets fixed. Visit the link given below for information on how to create and configure an e-mail profile in Outlook 2003:


Diane Poremsky

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange

What version of Exchange do you use? Where are the addresses stored - in the Exchange account or in the Hotmail Connector account?

Is it only happening on replies? Or are all addresses in the Contacts affected?

Are all addresses in the autocomplete cache affected or only those where you used the address and it failed?

FWIW, I have never seen the SRS cause this - its always a bad autocomplete cache or other issues with the address book service. Several people have run into problems with Exchange 2010 and the Import-Mailbox and Export-Mailbox cmdlets doing this to messages, which totally messes up replies. If the import is done in Outlook, its fine, its just the cmdlets that mess it up.



He's connecting to an exchange server at his workplace so I'm not sure what version they use. The stored addresses are stored locally in outlook (I was replying to a couple of my email addresses in testing, nothing on the exchange server.)

Emails don't hang when sending from his exchange account, only his q.com account which is outlook connector. It's when replying and sending email from the outlook connector account.

Also, if you reply to an email, erase the destination field, then manually type it out, it seems to work.

I only tried a few addresses in the auto complete - they work on his exchange account but not outlook connector.


Now this program is really messed up.

I tried renaming the srs and nk2 files to .old and it didn't make any difference in having it create new ones. I went ahead and tried to remove the profile again and it removed but gave an error. The email folder for it in the folder list on the left did not get removed and seems locked there. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling connector and you now can't add any new profiles to it. I've removed the .ost file for the outlook connector account and it doesn't make any difference.

When reinstalling the outlook connector program, it now doesn't even show up in the add/remove programs. Rebooting didn't seem to matter.
In conclusion this program update seems horrible as its killed its functionality 100%.


I've scrapped the outlook connector and am just connecting directly to his q.com account now.

I want to create a new pst and a new folder for this account, or set rules, but I'm unable to do so. I try and open rules/alerts and it says I'm working offline and need to connect to exchange (he has a default exchange account.) It is not working offline. I tried toggling offline and it didn't make a difference. I tried adding a new PST with file>>new>>new outlook data file and it causes outlook 2003 to crash.

Any ideas? I don't think I've ever had this much trouble with an outlook profile before.
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