how do i get outlook to send message right away

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i just recently got a laptop with windows 7. I now have to use outlook that is new to me. I use to use outlook express. How can i get outlook to send a message instantly when i hit the send button. Now it is putting my message in the Outbox when I hit send and then I have to go to Send All for it to send it out.

Would also like some suggestions on using Outlook vs. Windows Mail or if Outlook Express can be downloaded and used with Windows 7. I am a home user and only use email programs for basic functions. Thank you.

Russ Valentine

Go to Tools > Options > Mail Setup > Send/Receive. Check the box to Send immediately when connected.

You cannot use Outlook Express with Windows 7. If you have questions about Outlook, ask them here and they will be answered. If you have questions about Windows Live Mail, ask them in a group that supports it. Few people would ever use both programs extensively enough to provide a meaningful comparison for you. Each has different features and only you know wheich features you want and need. We don't.

Russ Valentine


thank you i will do that i am there now. But will that also receive emails immediately when I open Outlook? That is something I don't want. When I use my laptop that has Outlook on it I don't want to automatically receive my emails. I just want to send not receive.

Russ Valentine

Automatic polling will not occur unless you set up and Automatic Send/Receive Interval for the account.Russ Valentine


I have done that and have set that it checks for emails every 1 minute. Outlook still does not automaticly receives messages when I open outlook, and when I write an email, and hit send, it goes right to my inbox. To send or receive, I have to hit the send/receive button. I share this computer with my husband and his outlook works fine. Again, I have checked the box to automaticly send/receive and set it to check for messages every 1 minute.

Any suggestions?

thank you.


I would also like an answer to the question "how do I get Outlook to send my message when I hit send?" We have a relatively new computer running windows 7 and Outlook 2010; my outlook works perfectly, my husbands email - however- goes to his outbox and sits until either he does a manual send/receive or the automatic send/receive takes it.

How can he get his email to go when he hits send? I don't see that part of the question addressed. We were excited to find this site and this question as no other searches brought us to anything close.

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