Intermittent Application Hang Occurs When Replying to E-mails

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Has occured more than a few times today. Appears when I select a message - hit reply all - and then begin typing... I get a few words in and than WHAM.... it hangs... w/out any response... but outlook continues to use 35 - 50% CPU. I end up killing the process and restarting outlook... any clues as to how to diagnose the issue? Event viewer lists a few checkpoint rollbacks on some .psts and indexer reconciliations throughout the day.

Somasundaram Pandiaraj

Do you have multiple PST files opened in Outlook? What is size of the default PST file?

Try creating a new PST file for Outlook and then set it as default for your profile. Check if you"re able to work with Outlook without any issues.

Close all the other non-default PST files and then try to open Outlook.
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