Outlook e-mail and iPhone e-mail sync

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I would like to be able to delete an e-mail out of Outlook 2007 and have it be deleted from my iPhone. Currently I need to delete from both places.

Any help is appreciated.


How do you have your email setup right now on your phone? Is it through Activesync or is it a pop account?

Surya Prasad Vemulapalli

If the answer is POP account for both Outlook and IPhone then it"s not possible.

If Outlook uses an Exchange or IMAP account then it"ll update the changes to the server which will get reflected in the IPhone as well.

Frustrated iPhone User

That can not be right.

I had a Blackberry for 5 years up until 2 months ago, and whenever I deleted an email from Outlook 2007 (2002 before that) on my PC it deleted it from my Blackberry 8310 inbox, as well as the reverse, whenever I deleted an email from my Blackberry inbox, it deleted it from Outlook on my PC. I used the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) if this makes a difference.

I recently change my Blackberrry for an iPhone 4. Whenever I delete an email from my iPhone 4 inbox, it deletes it from Outlook on my PC. However, since the change, whenever I delete an email from Outlook 2007 on my PC, it does not delete it from my iPhone 4 inbox.

It is therefore possible to do the 2-way sync.

What is the setup required to get the iPhone to recognize that emails have been deleted from the Hotmail email server by Outlook, as this was possible with a Blackberry?

I talked to 2 levels of iPhone 4 support, and they say 2-way email sync like I had on my Blackberry could never have been possible, therefore they ask me to contact Microsoft Hotmail support.
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