Outlook 2010 is taking forever to open and load,

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I just installed Office 2010 Pro and find that outlook takes forever to go though its start up and load. I have disabled most of the add-ins but it still takes an inordinate amount of time to open. (XP-64 Media)

Steven Moede

You might try renaming/deleting the .XML at:

c:\documents and settings\<userid>\application data\microsoft\outlook

Note: I might have the folder wrong since I use Windows 7. The other place it might be kept under WinXP from memory is:

c:\documents and settings\<userid>\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook

the file is going to be <outlook profile name>.xml

the <outlook profile name>.srs file is your send/receive settings

Ruchi Bisht

Try the steps mentioned below:

1. Click Start->run (Windows key + R key) and type outlook /safe and click ok.

2. Check if you are able to open Outlook faster.

3. If it works disable add-ins from File->Options->Add-Ins click Go for COM-Add-ins.

4. Disable the add-ins.

5. Close and open Outlook again.

Ruchi Bisht
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