Automating a scheduled task with Outlook

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I am wanting to automate Outlook with a mail merge process to emails, it should read from a database for salutation, email address, etc....and then automatically send the emails every evening at 9:00 pm. I'm looking for suggestions to getting started with the automatic process. My choices:

A) Do I create an email, save it in the drafts folder and then how do I schedule this to happen every day?

B) Create a scheduled task from within Windows - ??

C) I'm clueless, I thought I could code within a vba "startup" module, but this is needs to be an unattended task.

Any suggestions, links, or pointers to get me started would be appreciated.

I'm familiar with vba and mail merge in MS WORD, using either MS Word 2003/ 2007


Roady [MVP]

And it should send the same email everyday as well?
What are you trying to achieve by this?


The body of the message is the same, but everyday my data source records change, so although the body of the email is the same, the salutation, the email address, and other field variables changes - all based on my data source. My main problem is that I don't know how I can actually get the mail merge process started without a human going through the process. I was hoping a 'task scheduler' might help me with using a 'startup module' within Outlook??? Am I trying to accomplish something not possible with Outlook?


OKay....maybe this is where my confusion is. I have a completely separate program using vba mail merge with MS Word, but in this case I wanted to initiate a mail merge with Outlook. I assumed a mail merge with Outlook would use a draft stored somewhere in Outlook?? If Outlook mail merge uses MS WORD, then I understand that I don't need to try to program in Outlook, but instead program with VBA in MS WORD.....and then figure out how I can initiate an unattended task in MS WORD.

Roady [MVP]

Correct, there are some 3rd party add-ins though which can also schedule a merge, but I'm not sure if that also will work in your case where you actually merge a Word document and an Excel document and send it via Outlook. Most 3rd party add-ins merge with data from Outlook.

Anyway, it is worth having a look;
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