Can not synch with Exchange Server after installing a new D-Link Router. Need to know what Port to open (or some other setting to allow Outlook to co

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Ben Bassett

Just installed a new D-Link DIR-615 Router for faster wirless. Since doing this (replaced Netgear) I can no longer synch my Outlook 2007 Email with our corporate Exchange server. There must be some port blocking or other firewall or security setting which is preventing Outlook from connecting with Exchange Server. I can search the web fine and do WEB-based Outlook email --- just can't sych up.

Niranjan I K

To check if a program installed on your computer is causing the problem, try restarting your computer in clean boot mode. Check the Microsoft link below for information on how to troubleshoot issues in clean boot mode:

Important: In clean boot mode all the third party applications (Including your security software) will be disabled. Starting your computer without security software may put your computer at risk.

Note: After you have finished troubleshooting in clean boot, do not forget to reset the computer to start as usual:

Diane Poremsky

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