Lines at left of e-mail messages

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I have extra lines, sometimes 3,4 or 5 at the left of e-mails that I receive. They take up extra space, look bad if I want to print an e-mail. How do I delete them? How do they get there? Why does someone put them there?


Brian Tillman

Do you mean that you see one or more colored vertical lines along the left side of the message? This means that you've received a reply or forward from someone else and they included one or more messages in the one they sent to you. It's perfectly normal. Try being more precise in your description and if what I describe is not the situation, perhaps we can figure it out.


Most of them are blue. Sometimes there are 4,5,6 or more and the message is scunched up. I would like to forward to myself, after taking all the lines out and then print hte e-mails. Most have pictures and mesages. I can make changes on everyhting, but the lines.

Thanks for the help.

Brian Tillman

Those lines get added each time someone replies to or forwards a message. I don't know of any good way to strip them other than to reformat the message as Plain Text. You can configure Outlook to not add them, but you can't control the mail client of the other people who contributed to the replies or forwards.


So how do you configure Outlook? I've had a look at the various options etc and can't find it!
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