Using rules to create an autoresponder while I am on vacation.

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Tim Westhoven

I have Windows XP Professional. I use Outlook 2007. Both me and my computer tech worked HOURS trying to set up rules so that any message that came in while I'm on vacation would receive a response telling clients what to do. IT DOES NOT WORK! No matter what we did, it won't work. It gives an error message or places the template message in the Outbox without a return address so it just sits there. I removed my signature because we thought that might have something to do with it. For the life of me, I cannot understand why Microsoft would create such a highly functional email program without an autoresponder function. Of all things to leave off the program, why that? If I were using Microsoft Exchange, they have it, but not if you aren't using Exchange. I'm befuddled and really tired of trying to get this to work the night before I take off on vacation.

Brian Tillman

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See if this helps: To make automatic reply rules. Keep in mind you'll have to leave your computer and Outlook running all the time you're gone.

Many mail providers have server-side vacation message capability. Yahoo does, for example. You'd be better off investigating that.


Don Creech

Running the same OS. SEC rules prohibit leaving the computer turned on for than 15 minutes when absent from the computer. It can be locked & blocked. outlook data resides on our server which is on 24/7, secured with pswd and locked room. Is their4 no way to creat auto response for absences within Outlook?

Don Creech
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