Receiving email - stopped suddenly; can still send email from outlook but cannot receive

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I performed a system defrag because I was running out of disc space; I also deleted my "deleted files" folder as it was getting too large. In doing both these activities, I no longer have the ability to receive email from the server. I can send all day long, but cannot receive email.

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Office 365 Exchange

Try making a new pst and setting it as the default for delivery - it almost sounds like outlook is trying to deliver to a non-existant pst or the pst is near 2GB in size.

File, Data file management, select the one thats marked for delivery, then Open folder. You'll be able to check the pst size here.

To add a new pst and set it as default: Go to tools, email accounts, view or change accounts and click the add new data file at the bottom - then set it as default and restart outlook.

Brian Tillman

A disk defragmentation does not free up additional disk space, so performing one won't buy you any thing unless your disk is REALLY fragmented. Plus, there is no "deleted files" folder in Outlook, unless you created it yourself. There is a "Deleted Items folder, but Outlook does not allow you to delete the Deleted Items folder. Deleting folders you created will never prevent you from receiving mail. Please explain in detail what happens when you perform a Send/Receive, including the exact text of any errors.



Hi Brian,

I read your reply to this other person experiencing my problem. When i hit send/receive, I get error: 0x80040154. Can you suggest how i might fix to start receiving emails again?

thank you!!
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