Suddenly cannot send emails from outlook: error codes 0x800ccc0d & 0x800ccc0f, had already been through isp; all settings are correct - already be

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Also discovered I can send through Outlook express but not through Outlook 2002.

New email profile set up, status unchanged.

Check tcp/ip protocol, status unchanged.

Checked authentication setup, status unchanged.

Changed outgoing server to 80, status unchanged.

getting very frustrated!!!!!!!

Brian Tillman

Your outgoing server will never use port 80. The errors you describe are most often associated with authenticating properly to the outgoing server. Reverify, by consulting your mail service provider's web help pages, that you have the correct server settings.

Also make sure that your antivirus program is not interfering. Completely uninstall your AV program and reinstall it without the mail scanning feature.

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