Windows 7, Microsoft Outlook 2003 Sp3, error 0x8004210B and 8x800CCC0F.

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Bruno A. Marcelo

I recently installed windows 7 ultimate edition being this working without any apparent problem, I installed Office 2003 Professional with SP3, and I am confronted me with a problem in Outlook that when I send a mail with attachments greater than 1MB presents the error 0x8004210B and sometimes also give the error 8x800CCC0F, i only have limitation from email provider to attachments above 10mb.

I have no firewall software installed, windows firewall disabled, was initially tested without any anti-virus software installed, now i have " TrendMicro OfficeScan client" already tried to set up different email accounts from different operators including Gmail and always displays the same error.

Also tested the same accounts in the " Windows Live Mail" and returns exactly the same error sending the mail, the last test was to uninstall office 2003 and install a trial of office 2010 and shows me the same error.

Testing these email accounts in another computer with windows 2003 server and Office 2003 on the same network and through the same access to the net I do not get any error and send normal the email.

Someone has idea what the origin of this limitation? What I conclude is that the problem may be related to the operating system, but I am not sure where to start checking (putting apart the re-installation of machine).

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Try in Windows Safe Mode with Networking. See if you are able to send attachments there.

Note: Wireless internet connections do not work most times in Safe Mode with Networking.
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