Norton AntiSpam not scanning incoming mail

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I am not able to get Norton AntiSpam to work with Outlook 2010 and I was able to get it to work with Outlook 2007
Why am I not able to get this to work.

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Programs you are having problems with: Outlook 2010/Norton AntiSpam (Came with Norton 360)Recent changes you made to your computer: upgraded to Outlook 2010

Russ Valentine

Not an Outlook question. Have you asked Norton whether they have updated their product to be compatible with the new version?

In reality, you should not be running any email scanning at all. It is completely unnecessary and causes far more trouble than it prevents. Outlook's Junk Mail Filter is far superior and of course wotks with Outlook.

Russ Valentine

Niyamath Khan

You may contact Norton and check if any settings have to be re-configured on the software or any update is required for the same.
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