Outlook 2003 error code 530, 0x800ccc78 and 0x800ccc92

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Cannot get pop'd mail with Outlook 2003. I have confirmed that all pw and addresses are right, and ssl and ports are right...three hours on the phone with att yahoo didn't help. Att finally said its an outlook problem. One other symptom: password has to be reentered every time; even if "remember password" box is checked.

Ruchi Bisht

What type of email account have you configured?

Try the below mentioned steps for the error 0x800ccc78:

1. Open Outlook.

2. Click on Tools->Email account settings.

3. Click Next for View or change email account.

4. Double click on the email account.

5. Click on More settings and click on Outgoing server tab at the top.

6. Check the box My Outgoing server requires authentication.

7. Click on Advance tab and change the port number for Outgoing server to 587.

8. Click ok.

9. Click next finish.

Error 0x800ccc92 generally comes up if your user name and password is not correct. Try the below mentioned steps:

Login to the webmail using the id and password provided by ISP(Internet Service Provider).

If you are able to login successfully enter the same user name and password in Outlook else contact your ISP to get the right username and passwords.

Ruchi Bisht
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