Moving IMAP items in Outlook 2010

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When I move an email item from my inbox to a subfolder on my imap account, I get an error that says something to the effect of " Error xxxx OK xxxxxxxxxxxxx" where the x's are alphanumeric (and seem to be different everytime). On further investigation, the item HAS moved, but it is also still in the origin folder. Googling around, I have found other mentions of this issue, but not many. Any suggestions? this seems like a pretty basic problem that needs fixing right away, as EVERY time I move an item, I get an error and have to delete it (as I said - it DOES in fact move).

Any help?

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Moving a message from one IMAP folder to another usually doesn't delete the message from the originating folder, it just marks the it as deleted (a strike through line) and requires you to purge it for complete removal. As to the error, could you provide a real example or two? Do the digits between " Error" and " OK" change?

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Thanks for the responses! Sorry for not getting back sooner - I was not alerted to the response.

I'm using the RTM version, and it has a " COPYUID" in there as well. WIll try to add a snip:

the last time I did it, it said " Cannot move items. vguj OK [COPYUID 170714015 38532 436]

Those 4 letters before OK change every time, and the numbers after COPYUID change every time (and aren't even the same digit spacing).


Steve Wildstrom

I am having the same problem moving items from my IMAP inbox to another IMAP folder. Running Outlook 2010, build 14.4760.1000 (32-bit). When I try to move a message, the message appears to get copied to the destination folder, but the copy in the inbox remains and is not marked for deletion.

This page won;t seem to let me post a snip, but the message reads:

" Cannot move the items. 42j1 OK [COPYUID 256923909 11072 1848]"

The numbers are different for each message.


I know we are not the only ones having this problem, and frankly, it's crippling. If I have rules running on my inbox, they glitch as well because they cannot move the items due to this error. Any ideas??


I am trying to revive this thread, as it is STILL a problem, and really makes outlook 2010 unusable. I can't be managing my email without using subfolders (or getting an error every time I try to do so).



I have been getting this error ever since installing Outlook 2010 RTM. I'm up to date with fixes and STILL get the error as defined by Steve Wildstrom above. Does Microsoft aknowledge this as a problem and if so, is there a hotfix available? I'm having to logon with a web interface to move my items!!


You are still getting this error with RTM?

I also have this issue... reported it almost three months ago... testing Office 2010 on three machines through my technet subscription...

Google and see many people with the same issues... three months ago when I mentioned it, no one hardly had office, now people are seeing the issue more and more.

I see this all versions, except the professional plus 2010 I have at work... it works fine. My versions are microsoft office standard. Maybe I will load professional plus on my machines to see if there is a difference.

I hope this is fixed with an update though... something is going on with our Office 2010 builds. I'd like to be able to deploy this in confidence, but it looks like SP1 might be on cue. Unlike Win 7, which is ready.


I'm still having this problem, same as I ever was. it's ridiculous. I'm lamenting the day I ever went with outlook 2010. Came pre-installed on my new win 7 machine, but I miss Outlook 2007 so.

Any update at all?


I'm still having this problem, same as I ever was. it's ridiculous. I'm lamenting the day I ever went with outlook 2010. Came pre-installed on my new win 7 machine, but I miss Outlook 2007 so.

Any update at all?

I did not know it at the time, but I had Professional plus loaded on a test laptop at home... it has the same issue.

I have issues with all Office 2010 builds except the one I have at work. Funny thing is all have the same build numbers, so that is not different. Outside of keys, everything should be the same.

Even when I put in virtual machines I have the same issue.

Really strange... hopefully MS will come out with a fix... I still use office 2007 in places were I need to get some work done... Frustrating that MS has these forums but don't provide real help... begs the question why even have them? MS should have teams that jumps on these issues and find fixes... instead we see silence.

Guess it is the same attitude as in the past, don't use Windows or Office until Service pack 1 is released. Shame, really.
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