Some emails bypassing 'deleted' folder but user did not shift+delete them.

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I have a user who is having a weird issue. He'll get emails to his account and he sees them on his mobile device, in this case a Blackberry. But when he gets to his Outlook 2007 client, some of the emails that are showing up in the inbox on his Blackberry are not in his Outlook Inbox. They are also not in the 'Deleted' folder. But if I go check "Recover Deleted Items" then I see the emails in there.

I have checked to see if he's got any rules that could possibly be doing this but he doesn't have any.

Anyone seen anything like this? We're running Exchange 2010 and the client for the user is Outlook 2007.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Brian Tillman

Senior Member
Is he deleting them on the Blackberry? Is his Blackberry connecting directly to Exchange?
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