[Exchange 2007] Can't get Outlook 2003 work with Outlook Anywhere

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Julien Nicoletti


Here is the problem :

I activated Outlook Anywhere on my Exchange 2007 server, I can use it with an Outlook 2007 client (good certificate, NTLM authentification) but I can't with an Outlook 2003 client !

Outlook 2003 seems to try some connection on port 443 and then try to port 135 and fail (port 135 is blocked because i want to use 443 :) )

I can't find any solution...

Thanks in advance !


Aaron Marks

Port 135 is for RPC.... 443 should be enough.  That is really strange.

Julien Nicoletti

Yes it is :/

Btw the outlook 2003 and 2007 seems to have the same configuration to use HTTPS proxy

It looks like Outlook 2003 fails to authenticate and then try to use 135...

Do I need a firewall like ISA server or another firewall filtering all ports except 443 is good too ?


Did you ever get this resolved?  I am having the same issues and have not stumbled across an answer yet.

azpcpro at yahoo dot com

Julien Nicoletti

Yeah, it works for me now.

Make sure you certificate is good "get-exchangecertificate" and make sure both "use HTTP on fast and slow network" checkbox are enabled in the proxy configuration

i tweaked so many things to get this working, i hope it will work for u...


I tried your suggestions and still cannot get Outlook 2003 to use RPC over HTTP to an Exchange 2007 mailbox.  I get "Your Exchange Server Administrator has blocked the version of outlook that you are using."   I only have port 443 open on the firewall.

I checked the registry setting on the server that sets that option and it does not exist.  I am going to try to create that registry key and leave it blank, but am not too optimistic about it working.  Can anyone help please?

Julien Nicoletti

Make sur you enabled Outlook 2003 support when activating Outlook Anywhere..

Szabolcs Géczi

Sorry, but could you explain where should we activate the outlook 2003 support at exchange 2007 outlook anywhere feature?




Jason B. Williams


I am having the same issue with Outlook Anywhere working on a Outlook 2003 client. I don't have this issue with a 2007 or 2010 client. What am I missing here? Thanks

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