Exchange 2010 and Server 2008

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Dear All
I just install exchange server 2010 on win server 2008 enterprise

i can open the owa every thing is working fine can send and recieve

But when i create any user on the active directory nothing reltaed to the exchnage server appears

i need to go to the mail server console and creat the mail box there

Help Please

ismail yilmaz

you cant create exchange 2010 user or any other mail box on AD.
you have to create user mailboxes on Exchange management console or exchange management shell


Amit Tank [MVP]

Yes, this is changed since Exchange 2007. Recipient management is incorporated in Exchange Management Console and Shell in Exchange 2007 & 2010, rather than managing with ADUC and provides better separation between Windows Active Directory administrators and Exchange administrators in their work activity.


Top Exchange 2003 Recipient Problems and how they're fixed in Exchange 2007

How to do your top Exchange Server 2003 recipient tasks in Exchange Server 2007

You can just install "Exchange Management Tools" on any remote machine, server, workstation to manage Exchange server remotey with EMC/EMS and you don't have to login on Exchange server every time.

Install the Exchange 2010 Management Tools 
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as ismail said ; you can create mailboxes from Exchange Management Console or Exchange Management Shell.

commands for these actions ;

creating new user from EMS ;

New-Mailbox -Name 'Hasan DASDELEN' -Alias 'hasan' -OrganizationalUnit '' -UserPrincipalName '' -SamAccountName 'hasan' -FirstName 'Hasan' -Initials '' -LastName 'DASDELEN' -Password 'System.Security.SecureString' -ResetPasswordOnNextLogon $false -Database 'Mailbox Database 0643588746'

to enable mailbox for existing user ;

Enable-Mailbox -Identity ' CICEK' -Alias 'embiye' -Database 'Mailbox Database 0643588746'

and screenshots for user management on exchange server 2010;

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Hi ,

I'd like to recommend a 3rd party tools that restores the ability to manage and create exchange recipients in ADUC ,

Exchange Tasks 2010: This doesn't even require to install Exchange 2010 Management tools which means you don't have to have 64bit machine to manage Exchange recipient with this tool...

Best Regards,

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