Administrator account Can't Sync phone ?Disabled?

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Hey all:
I have 2008 DC with 2010 beta running...
I setup the administrator account and got everything working OWA/POP/SMTP...... ect
BUT when I try to sync my Iphone with the admin e-mail I get the following error event ID="1031" @ source="MSExchange ActiveSync"

User "administrator" cannot synchronize their mobile phone with their mailbox because Exchange ActiveSync has been disabled for this user.
I verified that it is enabled in Client Access.
Any other account I create I can sync no problem, it's just this damn admin account! Any suggestions? Is it automatically disabled? Where do I enable it? Let me know and thanks in advance

Brian Day MCITP [MVP]


I know this isn't going to be helpful, but why would you want an Admin account (esp domain admin from the sounds of it) to be using ActiveSync on a daily basis? Just curious. I'm not aware of (doesn't mean they don't exist) any hard blocks blocking members of protected groups from using EAS.

Brian Day / MCSA / CCNA, Exchange/AD geek.


Yea I figured I would get that answer... It wont be used on a daily basis. I just found it curious that it wouldn't work! It makes sense, but I haven't seen any doc's discussing it. I already moved from the admin account :)

Wayne Phillips. [MVP]

Just to clear this up, You need to enable "Exchange ActiveSync" in the Mailbox Features for the user... even the administrator !

Cheers Wayne


well I currently have the same problem on a fresh install of exchange server 2010, and I am also unable to login from any remote device. Phone, ipod, POP3, IMAP, nothing will let me login. When i checked my logs, I found this warning, but I have active sync enabled for the account. Any Ideas?
Edit: Seems to work fine when I create a new account, just wont work for the admin account, which I would like.

Brian Day MCITP [MVP]

Verify Inheritence is enabled for the user in the Advanced Security tab of Active Directory Users and Computers. Admin accounts will have inheritence disabled once per hour dur to AdminSDHolder rules in AD, and without Inheritence Exchange 2010 cannot create the mobile device container under the user object to esetablish the partnership.Brian Day, Overall Exchange & AD Geek
MCSA 2000/2003, CCNA
MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2010

Brian Day MCITP [MVP]

Great! :)Brian Day, Overall Exchange & AD Geek
MCSA 2000/2003, CCNA
MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2010
Microsoft MVP, Exchange Server

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