Exchange 2010 HUB Transport to Edge Server mail are not going.

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Hello Guys,

I have tested Exchange 2010 features and its really very good product.

I have done the Installation of Exchange 2010 MB, HUB and CAS role on one box and in my DMZ Edge (Single Ethernet )role and i have natted my Local Edge Server IP to Public and created one Edge sync and imported it to On Primary Server Server and afterward i am able to recieve mails from external and also internal but whenever any user sending mail to Internet then its getting stuck on Queues and retry state.

I am able to telnet from Port 25 from HUB to Edge and Edge to HUB and its working.

I have also connected my Fortimail Spam BOX in transparent mode to my Edge Server and its controlling Spams.

If someone have any idea on this issue please give me.

Warm Regards,




Thanks for your prompt response.

Actually my all outbound queues which are for Public domain (, & etc.) meanwhile i am able to recieve all incoming mails from internet (, &

And its not showing any error its just retry state there is no any error i am getting. If am forcing to Active then again its retry state.

Any clue why its shwoing this kind of error ?



Subhash Tiwari Orient

Hello Xen,

Actually the configuration which you are doing on exchnage 2010 is not recommended by Microsoft. it means you should install the Exchange 2010 Edge Server on two Ethernet card one for internal LAN and one for Public communication.

For your Fortimail Spam Box actually its right box for stopping the spam we are Fortiget Partner and i have consulted with Fortigate regadring this issue and they told me that Subhash its our new product and we are testing as per microsoft recommended configuration so they told me that if you install the edge role on single ethernet card and also fortimail on transparent mode then it will stop all mails sending from HUB to Edge Server.

Hence they have given one fortimail box to me and then i have tested it in my lab and for the same i am also getting same issue.

Hence i have got one solution for the same issue, You create one send connector and give the samrt host IP for your edge server and then try it will automatically transfer all mails from HUB to Edge server.

I hope you got my point. You try it and let me know the status.


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Wooou Subhash gr8..

The step which you have mention i have also followed and its also work for me.

I think its problem from my configuration which i have done (Installation Edge role on Single Ethernet).

Good Subhash Keep it up.