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The IT Dr

Has anyone had trouble importing a certifcate into Exchange 2010? I generated the request using the shell, downloaded the crt from godaddy, installed the intermed cert just like in exchange 2007 and when i tried to complete the request and import the exchange cert i got an error saying the source data is corrupted or not properly base64 encoded

Brian Day MCITP [MVP]

Check the local cert store. There was a bug back in the Beta 1 timeframe that said what you are getting for an error even though it did import.Brian Day / MCSA / CCNA, Exchange/AD geek.


I checked to see if it was imported and it did not. I also checked with Godaddy just to make sure it wasn't a bad cert.


Try removing the below from the cert when doing the import. This issues has been fixed in later builds but from your error it looks like you are hitting it (So try removeing the first and last line) 

-----begin cert----- and ------end cert----

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