Has anyone figured out how to move the archive portion of a mailbox to another database?

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Sorry if this is a repeat, I thought I'd asked before but I can't find it.    Having the archive folder in the same database defeats the advantages for me for using archives.   In 2007, I just created another mailbox and had them open the second mailbox as their archive folder.  The advantage was, I would put the second mailbox in another database.   If a major event happened and I actually needed to run eseutil or isinteg, I wouldn't be running through a massive database to get the users online quickly.     Does anyone know if you can move just the archive portion of the e-mails to another exchange database without messing up Outlook 2010?

Sean van Osnabrugge

The current design of Exchange 2010 does not allow you to seperate the archive mailbox from the database wherer the primary mailbox resides.  The solution to keep the database size down is to create additional databases and distribute your users accordingly.Sean | http://seanv.wordpress.com
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