Outlook keeps randomly deleting emails & emptying my inbox.

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Outlook 10 with Windows 7 keeps randomly deleting emails & emptying my inbox. They do not go to Trash or Deleted Items. Where are they going, and how do I stop it? Thanks.

Hal Hostetler - Print-Imaging [MVP]

Running an Anti Virus application setup to scan your email? STRONGLY suspect it, McAfee's, for example, is well known for that sort of thing. You do not need or want an email scanner. Do you have Outlook setup to auto-archive your email?

Why You Don't Need Your Anti-Virus Program to Scan Your E-Mail


Hi, good idea, I have Trend Micro (new Dell system). I'll open that up and see what it is doing. I'll check the auto-archive as well, but shouldn't my messages be SOMEWHERE then? I'll see if I can find the folder, but I think archive was every 14 days and I've my computer for 2.

Thanks for the ideas!



Ok, anti-virus was turned off for email, and auto archive is for messages 90 days and older.

Any other ideas?



Guruprasad Ra

Ensure there are no custom views applied in Outlook which may prevent from displaying emails in Inbox.

Open Outlook > click on View > Reset view and verify the status.


Reset View is faded out and not eligible as a choice. My Inbox is empty, as it just got wiped again for the 4th time today already.


Ok, a message came in and the Reset View became available. I clicked on it and it said " Are you sure you want to reset the view " Hide Messages Marked for Deletion" to its original settings? YES NO


It is an IMAP, yes I sync with a Smartphone (Blackberry Bold), and yes I received emails from this address on my laptop running Outlook 2007 and Windows Vista.

Any ideas?


OK, I may have changed the view from Hide to IMAP, these were the first 2 defaults for the Inbox.

I'll see if this prevents any future erasures.




The problem is still occurring I reloaded the email account and used different settings, I changed it to a POP3 account. We'll see what that does.
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