SETUP.EXE A previous version of Exchange Server is already installed on this machine when installing

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I'm working in a single server environment. I had Windows 2008 with Exchange 2007 SP2 installed.
I introduced a temporary Windows 2008R2 server into the domain, installed Exchange 2010 onto it, and migrated everything from Exchange 2007 onto the new server. I then uninstalled Exchange 2007 from the original server without issue (except having to use ASDIEDIT to remove the public folders).
I upgraded the Windows 2008 server to Windows 2008R2 with no issues. Now I am trying to install Exchange 2010 and getting the following error during SETUP:
A previous version of Exchange Server is already installed on this machine

I still had data in the Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server from the old machine. I renamed that folder, as well as the C:\ExchangeSetupLogs folder.

There were no settings left in IIS from the original installation, so did nothing there.

Still, the error persists. I have found no information on the web regarding this issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated!




RESOLVED. Needed to clear the EXCHANGE Key from HKLM\SOFTWARE



Jeremy Caney

Thanks for this tip. The upgrade process is a bit disappointing for those of us in smaller organizations, who are thus likely to be reusing hardware.


Hi. Thank you for your advise. I'm not familiar with working in the registry and I do not want to make any mistakes. When you say clear the Exchange Key in HKLM/Software I can find several places in the software 'folder' where Exchange is mentioned. It looks like this:


- Classes

- Clients

- Microsoft


- Policies

- Wow6432Node

Where do I find the Key to clear - and does that mean to delete it or to set the value to 0 (zero)?

Thanks in advance

Justin Compito

Hi i removed my registry and on the next step I obtained the following error

Some controls are not valid

- The Exchange Server is in an inconsistent state. Only disaster recovery mode is available. Please use Setup /m:RecoverServer to recover this Exchange server




The registry key is ;


I think ;)
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