Customising the logon page of OWA in Exchange 2010

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It there anywhere a How to to customize the logon page of OWA 2010,  I wish to Add a company logo and name to the page.,  migration from exchange 2003 TO Exchange 2010 was a breeze. It went without a problem.
All I need to do now is add a company logo to the OWA logon page and my client will be happy,  They are now :)


The article is good for changing the colors and pictures, but says nothing of changing the text for the login page. The login.aspx file makes referings to "String.ID" to call up the text. Where is the original text located? That way we can change it in all the languages our organization uses instead of hardcoded English changes to login.aspx. This also would make it so that our text modifications would last past updates unless the original language source files are updated.

Does anyone know where these files are stored? Are they plain text or binary?
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