Can one account have multiple mailboxes in Exchange 2010

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We have an application which  is having one exchange account and multiple mailboxes in Exchange 2003. We would like to know the same feature is available in Exchange 2010 also.



Amit Tank [MVP]

Can you explain bit more about your one account and multiple mailboxes in Exchange 2003? Because an AD account can have only one mailbox in all version of Exchange, an AD account can access multiple mailboxes which are associated with other AD accounts (possibly disabled AD accounts) if it has permission on all of them.

In Exchange 2010, you can create an additional mailbox for AD account which is called Archive Mailbox.

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Elie Bou Issa

If your question is about having one mailbox configured on many machines, then yes; and to have consistency, you need to configure that account as an Exchange account on all other machines.
Let me know if that was not your question?

Elie B.

Michel de Rooij

Since 2007 mailboxes are administered from an Exchange point of view. The answer depends on details. You can't create multiple mailboxes with the same owner. Account - Mailbox is a 1:1 relationship. You can create a mailbox with a related, disabled user account and configure permissions for the owner, i.e.
1. Create a User Mailbox with an account
2. Disable the account
3. Rightclick the mailbox and manage Send As Permissions (if required) and Manage Full Access Permissions to manage access by the owner.
Just curious, why can't you use 1 mailbox, add aliases (if necessary) and define rules or Search Folders to organize incoming e-mail ?
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Sanjeev Savant

You can create a mailbox with a related, disabled user account and configure permissions for the owner

Is there a limitation in OWA that you can not access the mailbox for your other disabled account?

Sanjeev Savant

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