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Not sure what happened, but I came into the office today noting that I had no access to e-mail via web or Outlook. Checked event logs and I see this for all of the mailboxes
The mailbox for user <user> has been quarantined. Access to this mailbox will be restricted to administrative logons for the next 6 hours
Are there options to run eseutil and isinteg like previous versions? What are my options here?


Eseutil.exe still exists and eseutil /mh will display header and status information.  Let's start with that.  :)

ON-IT Consulting

First I created a new DB and test user to make sure it was the DB that was the issue, not the Store or System Attendent. Created and accessed it just fine, so we come back to the database being the root cause.
Found out that this is because of a poisoned mailbox, only info I could dig up from MS was here
I pulled the mailbox guid from powershell using get-mailbox statistics -identity <user> | fl
I deleted the mailbox guid reg key under:
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeI S\<Server Name>\Private-{db guid}\QuarantinedMailboxes\{mailbox guid}
Restarted the IS and the mailbox came back up.