Exchange 2010 - 550 5.2.1 DSNGENERATION.Quarantine; unable to quarantine

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Lars Dorow Corydon

I see this error in the message tracking log, when messages ere routed from my Exchange 2010 Edge Transport Server to the Hub Transport Server (2010). There is no Quarantine enabled in the content-filter on the Hub Transport server. The content-filter on the Hub Transport is disabled.

Does anybody know, why I get this error?




Possible Causes:
If there are recipients that are marked for quarantine, but there is no quarantine mailbox configured, then Exchange cannot generate quarantine DSNs for those recipients. This error code is also generated if a quarantine mailbox is configured but cannot be read from the configuration in AD.

Troubleshooting Tips:
Verify the quarantine mailbox is configured by running the Get-ContentFilterConfig

and checking for the QuarantineMailbox parameter.

Hope it helps,


Lars Dorow Corydon

Hi Mihai,

Thanks for your reply...

A few days ago, I already solved the problem. When I upgraded the Nod32 for exchange from beta to RC, I saw that quarantine was enabled (it surely wasn't before the ugrade). I disabled it and I haven't seen this error since.

I suspected Exchange Server, but it seems to be a 3. part application, sorry :)

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