Moving Exchange 2010 server with CAS, HUB & datbase roles between sites, what about ExchEdgeSyncServ

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We moved our new Exchange 2010 server from the site where it was setup and tested to where it will live out its days. I found a site object ExchEdgeSyncService under the site where the installation was done, but there is no Exchange server at that site now and the site where the Echange server is now does not have this object.

Is that a problem? Can I delete the ExchEdgeSyncService object from the site where there is no Exchange server?

Can I or, do I, need to create the new ExchEdgeSyncService object under the site where the Exchange sverer is now? How do I achieve that if needed?




I believe you'll need to run a new-edgesubscription on the Edge server, and specify the new site, and then copy the .xml file to your hub transport server and create a new edge subscription.


I don't have a separate Edge server and the new-edgesubscription cmdlets don't work on the hub server.

The Exchange EdgeSync service won't start either. It generates this event:

Log Name: Application

Source: MSExchange EdgeSync

Date: 10/03/2010 9:48:37 AM

Event ID: 1045

Task Category: Initialization

Level: Warning

Keywords: Classic

User: N/A

Computer: MAILBCP.TURSA.local


Initialization failed with exception: Microsoft.Exchange.EdgeSync.Common.EdgeSyncServiceConfigNotFoundException: Couldn't find EdgeSync service configuration object for the site TMC. If the configuration object doesn't exist in the Active Directory location CN=EdgeSyncService,CN=TMC,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=TURSA,DC=local, create it using the New-EdgeSyncServiceConfig cmdlet. If the object does exist, check its permissions.. If this warning frequently occurs, contact Microsoft Product Support.

Ran the New-EdgeSyncServiceConfig cmdlet on the HUB server with no parameters and it recreated the AD object in the new site and the service now starts.
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