Exchange 2010 Archiving - Changing Location of Archive

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My understanding is that Exchange 2010 now has archiving functionality that can be enabled with an Enterprise license.
But it seems that "archiving" is a little of a misnomer, since it's really just another mailbox that's tacked onto the primary mailbox.
So, I have 2 questions:
1) Can the location of the archive be changed? From what I've read, it has to be stored in the same volume (DB) as the user's mailbox. So, in other words, if the user has a 2GB mailbox, their 6GB (for example) archive mailbox will be stuck in the same volume.
Is that still the case? (I know it was true in beta - not sure if it ever changed).
2) Is there any real benefit to using archiving? I understand the push to get rid of PSTs, but there seems to be little benefit to having an Archive mailbox over just a larger primary mailbox. Is there something that I'm overlooking?
Thanks in advance!

Brian Day MCITP [MVP]

1) Not yet. We're all hoping SP1 allows this, but we'll have to wait and see.

2) Yes! The items in the archive are not included in the OST so Outlook performance should stay nice and fast. Items in the archive are also available through not just Outlook 2010, but OWA as well which PSTs are not. Archive items are also indexed/searchable just as fast as normal mailbox items and enjoy the same discoverability/retention/performance benefits normal items have.Brian Day, Overall Exchange & AD Geek
MCSA 2000/2003, CCNA
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