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James Hess, Triple-A Technologies

I have an Exchange 2010 server, new build, that works perfectly with all PC's running Outlook. However, I have a blended environment with a few MAC's running Entourage 2008.

All of the MAC's have the same issue in that they will not connect to the Exchange server, I get a logon error, unknown username or password when trying to set the accounts up.

All user accounts work perfectly on Outlook, and OWA.

This appears to be an Entourage to Exchange issue.

Anbu Selvan

In Jan 2009, when Entourage EWS comes out of beta, it will be a free update for Entourage users. This would help and support either on Exchange 2007 SP1 with Update Rollup 4 or later, or, Exchange 2010.


hi all,

what is the perfect match between Exchange server and Entourage?

i have Exchange 2007 and Entourage 2008 current version 12.2.4 running on current Mac OS X 10.5.8, but the connection to the exchange server is lost after 45-50 days and can't be recovered without recreating the profile on another Mac machine?!

any idea about this issue


I was also having the same issue. I fixed the authentication issues by changing the exchange server name from to Now i can authenticate but I no mail comes in or out and i get an error 170 in entourage 2008 while doing a send and receive because i have a test email in my outbox. Any suggestions would be much appreciAted . Exchange veer 2010 Entourage ver 2.2.5

Jon-Alfred Smith

There should be no need to configure Entourage 2008 manually with Exchange 2007 SP1 RU4 or higher. You should leave this to Autodiscover. And you should use Entourage 2008 for Mac, Web Services Edition. First to clear up some version information. The latest update for Office 2008 makes it 12.2.5; Entourage 2008 WSE becomes 13.0.5. You should not use the Entourage WebDAV client (12.x).

Make sure that Autodiscover is working from the outside, Entourage does not use the SCP method. You can check out this with
Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer

If you configure Entourage on the inside, make sure that the URL can be resolved. If Outlook 2007 / 2010 in a workgroup (not domain-joined) can use Autodiscover, you should be fine.
A valid SSL server certificate is required for the host name of the Autodiscover service. The Autodiscover service silently rejects the certificate mismatches. With self-signed certificates you have to import them into the Keychain Access application.

How the Autodiscover service works with Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition
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I have the same issue currently Auto discover works perfectly with iPhones and Android, and all outlook machines work with it. Entourage finds the server and everything but when doing the Verify Settings, I get error -17900. But not sure where its failing.

Jon-Alfred Smith



I'm having a very similar issue, which I come at from the client side. I'm an onsite Mac support provider for 2 Entourage users. The Exchange server they connect to was just upgraded to 2010.

They're both running the most current version of Entourage Web Access edition.

I'm able to auto-configure both accounts just fine at the start. I enter the Domain, user and password and shortly after the full exchange and LDAP server show up and I continue on. Then I get to the Verify or Skip stage. I choose Verify and get the -17900 error (Logon failure, unknown user name or password). It instructs me to go back and fix the portion in Red, which is the username (password isn't shown here).
Both users have the correct name and password, because it works when connecting to Outlook Web Access through a browser. And of course, they weren't rejected in the first stage of the auto-configuration.

I've tried:

Manually setting up the account.

Using the IP address of the exchange server instead of the name

Turning SSL off and on

Entering the exchange server address in other ways (minus the http and EWS/Exchange.asmx)

If a certificate is required, would it manifest itself in this way (name/password error?) FWIW, if I skip the verify and just continue, Entourage only briefly appears to look for new mail and then stops. No error message.
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