Want to view, modify and then remove -External2003URL config for Exchange 2010 redirect to 2003

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As stated, we are trying to first off view the -External2003URL -but ultimately we want to modify it and then remove it.

This is pertaining to redirecting users who's mailboxes are still on 2003 but are interfaced with a 2010 OWA. (co-existing 2003 & 2010) here is the PS CMD we used to set the redirect, but now we want to view, change and then remove.

Set-OWAVirtualDirectory <CAS2010>\OWA* -Exchange2003URL https://legacy.contoso.com/exchange


Mike Crowley

first off, this is a comment post. please "change type" to question.

second, I do not understand your question. what do you want to "view change remove"? the settings in AD?

"get-OWAVirtualDirectory | fl"
will show you the settings you've set with the set command.

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My understanding is if you want to clear the value you have set for the Exchange2003URL just use the $null varialbe in the command and run it.

Set-OWAVirtualDirectory <CAS2010>\OWA* -Exchange2003URL $Null

Thank you.


Thanks Mike, but this doesn't show the redirect. I'm trying to see what it is currently set at (more for curiosity). Ultimately, I'll need to remove it, -External2003URL, when we are done with the migration.Karl
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