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Exchane 2010 Server errors

Discussion in 'Exchange Server Questions' started by Radojica, May 3, 2010.

  1. Radojica



    I have two active Exchange 2003 servers, going to migrate to Exchange 2010.

    After instalation of two new Exchange 2010 servers (Virtual on ESX4) i get following in the Event log on the first one:

    1. Error, Event ID 4098, Source MSExchangeRepl

    The Microsoft Exchange Replication service couldn't find a valid configuration for database '1a231c22-01fc-4a32-981e-31d4f9f0bc9b' on server 'EXCHANGE1'. Error:

    I have removed the mentioned Public Folder Database and created a new one, just to get the same error with a new DB ID.

    2. Error, Event ID 14004, Source MSExchange MailTips

    Unable to remove Group Metrics distribution share.
    Share: GroupMetrics
    Directory: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\GroupMetrics
    Message: 00000842

    What is a Group Metrics distribution share?

    3. Warning, Event ID 1007, Source MSExchange Mailbox Replication

    The Mailbox Replication service was unable to determine the set of active mailbox databases on a mailbox server.
    Mailbox server: EXCHANGE1.mbc.hr
    Error: MapiExceptionNetworkError: Unable to make admin interface connection to server. (hr=0x80040115, ec=-2147221227)
    Diagnostic context:
    Lid: 10648 dwParam: 0x6D9 Msg: EEInfo: Generating component: 2
    Lid: 14744 dwParam: 0x6D9 Msg: EEInfo: Status: 1753
    Lid: 9624 dwParam: 0x6D9 Msg: EEInfo: Detection location: 501
    Lid: 13720 dwParam: 0x6D9 Msg: EEInfo: Flags: 0
    Lid: 11672 dwParam: 0x6D9 Msg: EEInfo: NumberOfParameters: 4
    Lid: 8856 dwParam: 0x6D9 Msg: EEInfo: prm[0]: Unicode string: ncacn_ip_tcp
    Lid: 8856 dwParam: 0x6D9 Msg: EEInfo: prm[1]: Unicode string: EXCHANGE1.mbc.hr
    Lid: 12952 dwParam: 0x6D9 Msg: EEInfo: prm[2]: Long val: -1988875570
    Lid: 12952 dwParam: 0x6D9 Msg: EEInfo: prm[3]: Long val: 382312662
    Lid: 24060 StoreEc: 0x80040115
    Lid: 23746
    Lid: 31938 StoreEc: 0x80040115
    Lid: 19650
    Lid: 27842 StoreEc: 0x80040115
    Lid: 20866
    Lid: 29058 StoreEc: 0x80040115

    Please help.
  2. jader3rd


    Unable to make admin connection usually means that the store service is not running.
  3. McCue


    I am getting these too. 1007 warning and 14004 error. The information store is running. There is no folder (or share)called GroupMetrics in the noted path.

    any additional information on where to start looking would be appreciated.
  4. RaceBreed


    I have the same Errors here. Just migrated from Ex2003 to Ex2010. All Patches and Rollups installed.

    Any help appreciated!
  5. jimbravo


    Any updates on this? I'm having the same issues. Event IDs 1007, 14004, and 4098.
  6. Jelly Roll

    Jelly Roll


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