Automatic provisioning isn't available for the 'TargetDatabase' mandatory parameter. Exchange 2010

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From a powershell prompt when I try to do a new-moverequest, I do want it to auto provision the user onto the best database for load balancing. I have 2 databases and when I run a new-moverequest command, I get the following back;

Automatic provisioning isn't available for the "TargetDatabase" mandatory parameter.

Now as we all know, it is not a mandatory parameter as if you do not have it it should auto provision the user but this is not happening.

I checked the setting on both databases as shown below;

Get-MailboxDatabase -Identity <database> |fl IsExcludedFromProvisioning

IsExcludedFromProvisioning : False

It is set correctly on both as far as I can tell.

I run Exchange 2010 rollup3 on 2008 R2 with a DAG and three servers in the dag.



Regards Peter

Mike Pfeiffer

Make sure the Mailbox Resources Management Agent is enabled:
Get-CmdletExtensionAgent "Mailbox Resources Management Agent" | fl enabled
if not run:
Enable-CmdletExtensionAgent "Mailbox Resources Management Agent"


It is enabled.

Get-CmdletExtensionAgent "Mailbox Resources Management Agent" | fl enabled

Enabled : True

Regards Peter

Mike Pfeiffer

Nevermind that, I seemed to remember that breaking something, but I just tested it and it only effects the New-Mailbox cmdlet when that agent is disabled.

Maybe provisioning is suspended for the db?

Get-MailboxDatabase -Identity <database> | fl IsSuspendedFromProvisioning

Good thought but no;

Get-MailboxDatabase -Identity <database> | fl IsSuspendedFromProvisioning

IsSuspendedFromProvisioning : False
Regards Peter

Any other ideas? Please comment.Regards Peter

Is the community slumped with this issue. Exchange 2010 advertises that when moving a user using the powershell it will automatically put users on the freest database, it is not working. Is this another Exchange 2010 bug that will all get sorted out in SP1. Does anyone know about this issue?

The full command used was;

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>New-MoveRequest -Identity "exchangedst" -BadItemLimit 100 -DomainController "DC"

Automatic provisioning isn't available for the "TargetDatabase" mandatory parameter. A value must be explicited provide
d for this parameter.
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidData: :)) [], RecipientTaskException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : 6AB0225F
Regards Peter

I was hopeiong this issue would be addresses in Exchange 2010 SP1 but it has not been resolved.

I have created a powershell script to cretae new users that will balance the users across database servers.

Following is an example and you can change it to suite your environments.

# NAME: Create_New_Mailbox.PS1
# DATE : 7/3/2010

#install Powershell Quest for AD
Add-PSSnapin quest.ActiveRoles.admanagement

$dc = ""
$db1 = Get-Mailbox -Database "wmmbxa"
$db2 = Get-Mailbox -Database "wmmbxb"
$db1c = $db1.count
$db2c = $db2.count

if ($db1c -ge $db2c){
$dbase1 = "wmmbxb"
$dbase2 = "wmmbxa"
$dbase1 = "wmmbxa"
$dbase2 = "wmmbxb"
#list of the new users you want to create they need to have been created in AD already
$users = GC "c:\temp\newmailusers.txt"
$usercount = GC "c:\temp\newmailusers.txt" | Measure-Object

if ($usercount.count -gt 1) {

$arrOdd = @()
$arrEven = @()
for ($i = 0; $i &ndash;lt $users.Length; $i += 2)
$arrOdd += $users[$i]

for ($a = 1; $a &ndash;lt $users.Length; $a += 2)
$arrEven += $users[$a]
Foreach ($odd in $arrOdd){
Enable-Mailbox -Identity wesleyd1\$odd -Alias $odd -Database $dbase1
Add-QADGroupMember -Identity "Exchange_2010_2003" -member $odd

Foreach ($even in $arrEven){
Enable-Mailbox -Identity wesleyd1\$even -Alias $even -Database $dbase2
Add-QADGroupMember -Identity "Exchange_2010_2003" -member $even

Else {
Enable-Mailbox -Identity wesleyd1\$users -Alias $users -Database $dbase1

Remove-Item c:\temp\newmailusers.txt
Remove-PSSnapin quest.ActiveRoles.admanagement

Regards Peter

David Strome

Please run:

New-MoveRequest -Identity "exchangedst" -BadItemLimit 100 -DomainController "DC" -Verbose

And post the output. The provisioning agent isn't finding a suitable database. The verbose output may help us understand why.


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