Blank HTML email with Exchange 2010

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damien rocipon

I've randomly blank HTML email on 3 mailboxes (30 mailboxes total). Sometimes emails are comming fine, and when I return on the mailbox after, the body is blank.

I've uninstall AV, Antispam, Windows Defender, ... same result. Body is also blank in OWA (only persist address, subject and attached elements). I've recreated a mailbox with a new user account : same problem !

all clients are Outlook 2k7, in cahed mode with windows XP SP3, or online with TS2008.

No migration from Exchange 2003, it's a new installation.

It's very problematic for my customer, because he can't read very important emails.

The 3 mailboxes involved are " public mailboxes" with specific permissions on them to allow users to read emails on a single shared mailbox.

Users have their own mailboxes, with no problem at all... A blank html email that is resent by the sender on private address is always received fine !

I don't understand witch element can be the source of the problem.

Help me please, regards


I know that oyu indicated this above but just to confirm.

don't you have any mail scanning SW on the client machines like kaspersky or bitdefender

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damien rocipon

When we have discovered this problem, we have NOD32 V4.0 on all computers (4 pcs, 1DC2K8R2 and 1MS2K8 as TS).

We have uninstalled the AV on all machines with no results.

now, we have reinstalled NOD V3 (an older one that is in production in others customers, without problems), only on computers, but with mail scanning disabled (no AV on servers now).

I worked on this pb today :

if I create a transport rule that copy incoming emails from one mailbox that has the problem to a new mailbox without any users permissions (except the owner...), the emails in the new mailbox are always correct, and sometime, the same email in the original mailbox (with users permissions) become blank.

So, I think that a component is deleting the email body via user permission...but I don't know how, when, and where from...

best regards



damien rocipon

When the email is blank I can't retrieve the content, it's definetly deleted.

If I save the mail, or read the content, or source, ... the mail is empty.

If I remove all the users permissions except the read-only one in the mailbox, the mail body is never deleted, but, has needed by my customer, users must have full access to that mailbox in order to classify messages, categorize them, delete spam, save attached elements and delete them, ... So, even if it solved the problem, it's not a solution for me.


I am also have this same issue with random blank email. All appear to be HTML files and it appears to be happening on mailboxes that are shared and other users have rights or on a mailbox for a user that has AD on exchange domain but sits in another domain and authenicates to that domain for network login & then logs into the exchange account with a user name and password in outlook for exchange domain account. Not all HTML messages are blank, but enough to be a major problem for the user.

I had read that some AV software can cause problem when goes to add tag into HTML email and can corrupt the email, so I first tried disabling the AV from adding tag to scanned emails to see if that made a difference, but it did not keep users from getting blank HTML messages.

We have Exchange 2010, clients using Outlook 2k7, also using ESET Nod 32 as virus scanner. I did find that if I disable scanning emails on the clients having the blank email it appears to fix the issue, but do not want to have to do that on clients, and this is not happening across the board to all users. Users that are logging into the same domain as exchange resides in do not have a problem with getting blank email messages into their individual mailbox, it is only if accessing a mailbox other than theirs or from a separate domain. I keep thinking it must have something to do with permissions on the mailboxes on Exchange somehow but can't figure out what might be causing this to occur. If it were just an AV issue it should be happening to all my users.

Anyone who has any input on this as far as how permissions on mailboxes may interact in this scenario would be greatly appreciated!!!

Alex Coltea


Please check these information: - XCON | Exchange 2010 | Mail Flow | Some users on Exchange 2010 were receiving emails with blank content

Other information:


“I know there have been a lot of views on this problem and I isolated and resolved the problem. The problem was the LOCAL anti-virus scanner. I had not installed NOD32 on the servers yet. For some reason on the client side NOD32 (v 4.0.437.0) was wiping out the message body. When I disabled NOD32 then it began working and showing the HTML messages. Many thanks to for pointing me in the right direction.”

Kind Regards,

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