event id - 14031 : unable to find free busy public folder store in exchange 2010

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I have migrated 2007 exchange to 2010 exchange. every thing got migrated smoothly. Now i have found an error in event viewer i.e event id - 14031 : unable to find free busy public folder store in exchange 2010

Please help !!


Mike Crowley

Did you first Migrate from 2003? You may consider removing public folders all together, as neither Exchange 2007 or 2010 needs them.

But to solve your problem, you need to add a replica of the PF to an exchange 2010 server. You can do this via the script:

AddReplicaToPFRecursive.ps1 –server srv-ex07 –TopPublicFolder “\NON_IPM_SUBTREE” –ServertoAdd srv-ex10

Mike Crowley
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Let me know the version of outlook the users are using

If you have outlook 2003 users they would need public folders to access the free +busy information if its any other version rather than outlook or versions earlier than that then they would get the information using the autdiscover feature




What if the legacy Exchange server is no longer online. I am seeing the same issue on a clients Exhange 2010 RTM server; it was a migration from Excange 2007 as well. The 2007 server no longer exists, so when I run the above scipt from EMS, it displays an error that it can not find the 2007 server. Can this just be done from the managment console?
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