Recreating the default address lists.

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Lain Robertson

Hi all,

I'm just wondering how I might be able to re-create the default address lists (All Contacts, Groups, Rooms and Users)?

We do not want to have views available that encompass the entire university, so we removed these four address lists, along with the Public Folders list. What we didn't realise though is that Outlook Web Access wouldn't honour this kind of change, so while Outlook is behaving just fine, the address book view within OWA is broken.

Initially, I though that simply recreating the views with New-AddressList would resolve the issue, but thus far it has not - though perhaps I'm being impatient, and despite having run Update-GlobalAddressList, I have not waited long enough. I don't know.

In any case, I figured I'd ask here if there's a means by which the original lists can be re-created, or OWA configured to either stop looking for these or to update something OWA-side (such as a GUID or DN) so that it can be once again linked to the manually re-created lists.

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