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Hi, I do some work for a few schools and i have had a request to hide the users first name from the GAL. They wish to give students access to email but as they can access the GAL they could then see the teachers first name which they don't want. Anyone have any good ideas how this can be acheived. They do need to be able to send email to them.

The students will only be able to send internal mail. Could i get away with doing something like, putting the students in a seperate forest and using GAL sync without the first name attribute? or is there a simpler way

Jonas Andersson [MCITP]


AFAIK you can only set this per user object and not per firstname and/or lastname

Please correct me if I'm wrong here

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Sathish Kumar Elango

You may hide the actual teachers mailbox from GAL. Then create new contacts for those teachers just with Last name and the corresponding mail address.

All the Best :)

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Hi Sathish,

I'm afraid you cannot crate contact with corresponding mail address.(I guess you mean the same SMTP address).


You can hide the actual teachers' mailbox as Sathish said, then create new mailbox with lastname and address: lastname@ domain.com,

Then set the new created mailbox-> Properties->Mail Flow Settings->Delivery Options->Forward to actual mailboxes.

But other teacher will only see the last name in the GAL,too.

So,if you want , you can follow this document to create a new GAL including new teachers' mailbox for just students use.

Address Lists in Exchange 2007


Frank Wang


thanks for this. the new GAL seems the best way to do this. Does the article apply to Exchange 2010 as this is what they will be using?


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