Free/Busy not working for a single room resource in an Outlook 2003/Exchange 2010 environment

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Hello all, looking for some assistance with a persistent problem we have with a single resource. Our environment is two Exchange 2010 Servers in users running Office 2003 for Outlook. The recently started about 2-3 weeks ago, the users go to book a meeting request and search the free/busy schedule of just one of our resources it comes back with "No free/busy information could be retrieved". Users using OWA and a few users using Outlook 2007 can see the schedule just fine, which seems normal in the way it looks at calender events between the two Outlooks. I have read through the forums and done a significant bit of research and little of it seems to apply to our situation.

Here is additional info which I think is playing quite a bit of a part. We are running two Exhcange 2010 in a failover cluster environment on two separate WAN segments. We had an event that switched all mail traffic to the backup Exchange and the production mailbox database to an offline state. We corrected the issue and put the mounted active mailbox back on our production and the backup into the "Healthy" state.

Soon after that we noticed that this single room resource was no longer displaying free/busy. I believe we got it working for a few minutes once, but have been unable to get it back. The Exchange servers are not showing any errors nor are any tools showing any faults or warnings that would be related to this.

One finding I did come across suggested deleting the resource and recreating. I wanted to avoid this as this room/resource has quite a few calender events going on into next year.

Any suggestions would be helpful.




Outlook 2003 users use public folder to publish/retrieve free/busy information, outlook 2007 users and OWA users use availability service to retrieve the free/busy information directly from resource mailboxes

So, the possible cause is the corrupted message of the resource on the public folder database. Please create the mail profile for the resource on a machine, and then launch the outlook with /Cleanfreebusy switch. The free/busy data will be rewritten in the public folder free/busy message based on the newly calculated information


Understanding the Availability Service
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