Exchange 2010 MMC slow with multiple CAs servers

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I have a 3 site exchange 2010 install with 3 different sites. One of the sites is on a slow link. When using the EMC and clicking on server configuration then client access it can take nearly 10 minutes for the settings to display even if I have clicked the local server. This happens on all three servers EMC's and is very annoying. I normally end up using powershell and defining the local server when i need to make a change as this happens instantly.

It appears to be getting all the information from all the servers and waits for this until i can do anything with the console.

I could cope with this on this system as it is just annoying, but I am starting to roll out Exchange 2010 on another system which has 10 sites which nearly all of them have unreliable and slow connections (they are in remote parts of the world). This will be almost unusable if it has to poll all the sites before letting you do anything.

anyone else had this or have any suggestions



Depends, how is your AD setup on these different sites?

EMC reads info from AD.




so how is exchange 2010 going to work on a system with 10 remote sites with dodgy links?

they currently have exchange 2003 which just uses the local server when making changes. e.g. you click on the server and make the change. If you want to make the change to another server you make the change locally on that server

All servers are in different AD sites and ad replication copes fine as the links have all been configured (just takes a while)

Am i supposed to tell the client that if they want to change anything in EMC to do with a server config, just open the console click the server and wait half an hour and then you can make the change?

Surely MS must have thought about this as not everyone has multiple datacenters with fast links.

This site has one good site with a 100mb link and currently 9 other sites all with 128k or 256k satelite links as where they are based they have no other option.

Xiu Zhang


First please verify if you have GC/DC in each site.

Then please check if you have CAS in each site.




yes AD is setup correctly as if i did not have a DC/GC/DNS server in each site the servers would not even work.

setup is one main office with 100mb connection. 2 dc/GC, 2 * Exchange HT/CAS/MB configured as DAG with a hardware load balancer for the CAS.

remote sites all have Exchange 2003 except for one new site that has 2 dc/GC, 2 * Exchange HT/CAS/MB configured as DAG with a hardware load balancer for the CAS.

I have setup numerous systems and have upgraded a similar system with 2007 with no issues.

The problem is just limited to the EMC as it appears to poll all the servers with CAS on it. I timed how long it takes on the main site to look at the CAS information of the local server e.g. OWA virtual directory and it actually takes 8 mins before i can view or modify i setting.


further to this i have done some more testing and I am even more disapointed with the EMC in 2010

one of our exchange 2010 sites is currently offline as the link is down and they are alphabetically the first e.g. siteA

if i open EMC on siteB and browse to the CAS and click on any of siteB servers after about 10 minutes while it comes back with an error saying IIS directory entry could not be created running get-oabvirtual directory. Both OAB and OWA tabs on siteB servers says there are no items to show although i know they are configured

If i goto EMS and run get-oabvirtual directory it fails after a few minutes saying sitea oab is unavailable (which is obviously what the EMC is doing) .

if i use the -server switch and specify siteb it works instantly and i can then configure the settings thorugh EMS

Fine for me as i know how to use EMS but the majority of our clients internal IT do not and keep asking me why the console keeps coming up with errors.

Its really poor programming to have a management tool that requires all servers throughout an organisation to be operational with fast links just to be able to use it and configure a server.
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