Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

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When I try to get to OWA from the Win 2003 Exchange Server by typing:


I get " Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" . This was working at one time and I am at a loss as to how to get it to work again. I have double checked all kinds of settings in IIS and I am at a loss as to where to go now. I also installed owaadmin and I get the exact same message when I try to connect with that tool. I need a direction to solve this problem.


I am having this exact problem. I found that if I take the 128-bit ssl encryption off of the exchange virtual directory under my default website, OWA will work without the forms based authentication. But as soon as I put it back on I am back to where I was before. I have double checked all my settings in IIS, exchange, and everywhere else that could possibly affect this and have found nothing. Any help would be appreciated.


Im looking at the same error here. If i take out the 128-bit ssl ecryption the http://servername/owa is working fine. Would really appreciate some help here. But im using via Exchange 2007. The https://servername/owa was working just fine yesterday and suddenly is not working today.

Please advice!


I too am having the same problem. Everything was fine this morning until Microsoft forced a restart of my Dell E1405 laptop after they installed some updates. After that IE7 cannot display any web pages, Windows Mail reports " the connection to the server has failed" , and a ping to a known good web site continues to time out. I know I have access to the internet since I am able to post this message from another PC on the same home network. I also know it's not the wireless connection to my laptop after I hard wired it to the router and had the same problem. Also Windows Nework Diagnostics " did not find any problems with this network's connection" I suspect the updates have fouled up a setting somewhere, and I have no idea where to go to fix it.

If it helps to diagnose my problem the following updates were installed:
KB929123 Cumulative update to Outlook Express KB934391 Office 2007 update KB890830 Malicious Software Removal June 2007 KB936825 Vista update KB905866 Junk mail filter update KB933566 Cumulative update to IE7 KB931213 Security update to Vista

Any help would be appreciated.

Rick van den Bosch OLD

I'm having the exact same problem here, but not only with the exchange pages, my laptop won't display any webpages! Outlook says Exchange is not available (while I can take over the server using remote desktop) and there are no webpages which my laptop can show, while my Windows Live Messenger seems to be running smoothly.

It worked before, but after a few updates, it just stopped...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am having exactly the same problem. It must be something to do with a Msoft automatic update. I haven't changed anything on my PC. It was working perfectly ok a few days ago, now I can't use IE7 at all. Have been looking through various forums for an answer - but haven't spotted anything so far. Hoping someone will provide an answer to this thread.


My problem was resolved when I logged in as administrator and responded to the issues presented by Norton and Vista that resulted from Microsoft's automatic update.

While logged in without admin privileges these issues were not annunciated.


Did you ever resolve this issue? I am working on a friend's PC and he is having the same problem. I have looked at everything and cannot find a solution. Thanks!


I'm having the same problem. I cannot get any webpages to show and I had the following updates auto install within the last few days:


If I delete KB933566 update for IE7 then I can access the internet fine. Anyone have a solution? Every time I delete it through the add/remove programs, it comes back the next day with the auto updates. I hate to turn auto updates off, but this is crazy!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I found a solution to my problem. The issue was with the McAfee suite of products. I rolled back to a system restore point before the problem began and as soon as the McAfee updates were applied IE stopped working. I removed the McAfee suite, applied all of the patches and everything is working fine now. I don't know if others are running the McAfee suite but this is the solution that I found that worked for me.


My problems occurred while I was logged in as a non-admin user on the PC. When I logged into the administrator account I was given options to accept some of the recent updates. After that everything went back to normal. My issue is that nothing was annunciated to the non-admin user that would direct him to log in as an admin.


Had the same problem with my new vista loaded laptop. Had to uninstall the latest updates and reboot to fix it.

I think we can either wait for cumilative update for IE from windows update or uninstall the latest updates installed to resolve the issue.


I had exactly the same problem after last night updates from Windows updates as listed from another user. Then I could not connect to Internet at all even the IE 7 diagnotic indicated that I do not have any connection problem from my home network and to the internet. I tried to restore to pre-update and still could not. Finally, I changed the user from standard user to admin and I was able to connect to Internet without problem. I found this solution out by log on as admin and I could connect to Internet without problem. therefore, I changed the user profile from standard to admin and solved this problem temporately. i would still like to find out how can I still be a standard USER and get to Internet?


Very similar problems here.

Vista Premium on a new laptop.

Connection to Internet via wireless ASDL modem/router.

All other computers on network fine.

This laptop connects and displays pages perfectly in Admin User but will not from standard user.

Anyone hazzard a guess as to why?




I ran into this same problem with my daughter's computer. Couldn't get to the web using any browser, but still could access msn, and other applications. The Microsoft locations for debug helped, but did not resolve the issue. The two web sites were:

I was able to actually open a browser in safe mode, but disabling all services and/or startups still did not track it down.

At a whim, disabled her Norton antivirus software, and low and behold.... started working (not sure why it started doing this, or what is causing the failure with the interaction).


take a look at this web page

refers to changing internet explorer settings

I used this tonight after having issues with vista using our public library web site.

here is a cut and paste from part of the referenced web page........

Eventually I went to Control Panel>Network & Internet>Internet Options>Advanced>,

and scrolled down a long list until I found " security settings," and I UNCHECKED

these 3 boxes:

check for publisher's certificate revocations

check for server certificate revocations

enable intergrated Windows authentication

It worked. Immediately. I hope it works for you.


Thanks Isattle.

This Vista OWA issue has been giving me grief as well. I tried your suggestion and it worked immediately.

Many thanks.



I have the similar problem. I'm using Windows XP Pro SP2 and ADSL 128. When i udpdate Internet explorer 6 to Internet explorer 7, i received " Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" . Network Diagnostics shows no connection problem and i can still using my FireFox , Messenger and so on. And i can browse FTP sites by IE7. Only HTTP sites gives that error. In addition, i write an application by DELPHI that uses IE for surfing web, and this working too !

Anybody can kindly help me to resolve this problem ? I'll be so thankful.
Sincerely - Fameli


I have had this problem for about a year. Seems everyone has it. Initially everything works until I start to view a lot of photos, then many or all are not visible. Then I can't even get to Google. If I close my internet connection then reopen it, it will work for a while. Sometimes get Stack overflow error. Will someone with experience please answer this? Microsoft won't. It's been going on for a long while now.
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