New-OwaVirtualDirectory : An error occurred while creating the IIS virtual directory

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Tried a variety of things and still end up with the following error.

New-OwaVirtualDirectory : An error occurred while creating the IIS virtual directory 'IIS://

1/ROOT/owa' on 'mailserver'.

At line:1 char:24

+ New-OWAVirtualDirectory <<<< -OWAVersion " Exchange2007" -Name " owa" -Website " Default Web Site"

I really don't want to uninstall IIS/reinstall IIS, Service Pack IIS, Uninstall the CAS, Reinstall the CAS, create the Owa Virtual Directory again and hope it works without losing any data. What are the steps (exactly)?

There are so many postings on the Internet asking a repeat or slight variation of my question, I got to believe this is a major malfunction " BUG" with Exchange 2007. Is there somewhere I can go to get a step-by-step guide on getting owa up and running again? OWA was working until we uninstalled Exchange 2003. Yes, we followed the instructions to the letter and properly uninstalled 2003. Immediately after, OWA stopped working.

We viewed several postings instructing us to remove all of the OWA virtual directories and recreate them using the Management Shell. Well, this did not work! It is disconcerting to see the largest company in the world produce a major product such as Exchange with inherent problems that impact employee productivity without some sort of article or Knowledge base answer. I'm waiting for SP1 since we appear to be stuck with 2007. My other question is, can we go back to Exchange 2003 where things were very smooth and everything worked according to the documentation? Just my opinion, but, Exchange 2007 really feels like a beta product. Major functionality fails and there's no way to fix it without major downtime and reinstallation of major components. I must be missing something.



Hello All
I have Same Problem, Unfortunately, also react as same as you....but i can't get any pozitive result..

Deli Pro-Exchange

If you remove the CAS role and reinstall then you won't loose any mailbox data!


Will Spridgen

Exchange2007 won't let you uninstall once you bomb off on the install.

Has anyone gotten around the problem of:

" ErrorRecord: An error occurred while creating the IIS virtual directory 'IIS://MyserverName/W3SVC/1/ROOT/owa' on 'EXCHANGE2007'"

It seems sort of crazy that Microsoft makes it so hard to install their new Flagship Mail Server. Microsoft has been no help at all.

If anyone has a work around I'd love to hear it.



Brian A. Jones


I suspect that the base problem is that IIS is running in 32-bit compatibility mode.

However, once you start the install, how do you wipe out the CAS and start over?

That old fallback - command line tools!

Check out this link:  It tells you how to do cool stuff!

For example, to remove the Client Access server role from an existing server, type the following:

%LocalExchangeInstallationDir%\bin\ /role:ClientAccess /Mode:Uninstall

(My %blahblahblah% didn't work, so I did a CD to the Exchange program directory)

After wiping out CAS, during the reinstall the IIS error popped up, and I had to follow the recommended action, which was:

Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 setup cannot continue because the Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) is running in 32-bit mode on this 64-bit computer.

Exchange 2007 requires that IIS be in full 64-bit mode when it runs on a 64-bit computer.

To resolve this issue, switch IIS to 64-bit mode, and then rerun Microsoft Exchange setup.

To switch IIS to 64-bit mode

Open a command prompt.

Type the following:

cscript c:\inetpub\adminscripts\adsutil.vbs SET /w3svc/AppPools/Enable32BitAppOnWin64 False

Press enter

*** Then it worked!!!!! ***

Hope that helps.

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