Outlook dismissed reminders keep coming back

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Windows XP, Outlook 2007, T-Mobile Dash w/ Windows Mobile 6

This all started happening after I got this phone. I've seen multiple threads that indicate the problem is between Outlook and Windows Mobile 6, but no solutions.

Here's the problem - recurring meeting reminders keep coming back after being dismissed. They seem to come back on the day that I have a recurring meeting. I'll get a reminder that indicates the meeting was Due In " 3 days old" , when in fact the meeting occurs later that same day. Possibly some sychronization at midnight is causing the problem. All I can say is it's a royal pain when my reminder list is filled with old meetings, making it completely useless. I have to constantly clean it up and dismiss (again) old meeting reminders.

For what it's worth, I do not get repeat reminders on my phone.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thomas Dietrich

I've been having the same problem and have taken numerous steps to try and resolve the issue. I've used the /cleanreminders and the /cleanfreebusy switches when opening Outlook, but they didn't work. I've got a whole company of Windows Mobile users complaining about this. Has anybody found a solution?



Jason Li-


what's your outlook profile working mode, online mode or cached mode?

Some antivirus program may corrupt the OST file used for cached mode, while OST file couldn't sync well with mailbox on the server, then the dismissed action cannot be updated so the issue occurs. You may verify it by using MFCMAP tool, in which we can see the reminders in the reminder folder in mailbox. If this is the situation, create a new profile and uncheck the cached mode will take care of it.

You may refer to the second post on this thread about how to check reminder folder in MFCMAPI.




Allen Maloy

Thomas Dietrich wrote:

I've been having the same problem and have taken numerous steps to try and resolve the issue. I've used the /cleanreminders and the /cleanfreebusy switches when opening Outlook, but they didn't work. I've got a whole company of Windows Mobile users complaining about this. Has anybody found a solution?



I don't believe that turning off cached mode should be the only solution. has anyone found out anymore on this?


I'm having the same problem. It started while I was in online mode, I switched to cached mode and the problem still happens. I have a Windows Mobile 6 device, but had the phone well before the problem started. I don't have any problems with the phone, just the Outlook client. I'm using Outlook 2003 on Windows XP. Reminders will come back a day, or days, or sometimes just hours after they've been dismissed. It's not just recurring appointments either, stand-alone meetings, and even meeting request reminders will reoccur after dismissal. I was only minorly annoyed at first but this is getting crazy. I've tried using the mfcmapi tool, it resulted in several appointments getting deleted and I had to go dig them out of the trash. I've used the \cleanreminders, which seems to help for a day or so, but they always come back. Anyone have any ideas?? My internal clock is getting all out of whack because of this.


Hi -

Does anyone have an update or a fix for this. We are starting to have the same problem. We noticed that this only happens with recurring meeting reminders.

Thanks in advance.

Thomas Dietrich

I don't have a solution yet, but I've had a Microsoft Tech Support person acknowledge that this is a " known problem with Windows Mobile phones" . His suggestion was to upgrade the phone to the newer version of Windows Mobile, which I did, but that did not solve the problem.

I've got people in cached mode with the problem, people NOT in cached mode with the problem, people running Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, and 6.1. I've got people using direct MAPI connection to Exchange, and people using RPC over HTTPS. There is no discernable pattern other than we all use the same Exchange server and Windows Mobile phones. Blackberry users don't have the problem.

As has been noted, the /cleanfreebusy will work for a day or so, but the problem resurfaces shortly after that.

I've got a mix of Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007, both experience the problem. I'm running Exchange 2003 SP2 in an active/passive cluster with 2 back end and one front end server.

I see the problem with both recurring and single instance appointments.

It was suggested that I begin using the backspace or delete key to dismiss my reminders instead of clicking the dismiss button. That does seem to help, but it's not a 100% reliable solution.

Does anybody else have any other details or suggestions?



Aaron Stoddard

We've started seeing this problem now as well since we switched over to devices using Windows Mobile 6.1.

We're on Outlook 2003 and 2002 (XP) with Win XP machines. Running Exchange 2003 SP2 on both back end and front end.

I'll try using the delete/backspace idea to see if that helps.

Anyone heard any resolution to this?


Just started seeing this a few days after upgrading to a Windows 6.1 phone (ATT Fuze).

First indication was when I saw 20 something reminders pop up when accessing Exchange from OWA.

Now, everyday I come in to the office, I have some reminders that I've already dismissed.

This is so an issue with mobile 6.1 (maybe 6.x) - I had Mobile 5.x previously without issue.

Now, here's something else that's interesting:

I told Outlook 2003 (using Exchange 2003 BE / FE config) to not use cache mode anymore - and even though Outlook shows " Online" as its status now (instead of Connected), its still using the OST file.

To confirm this, after I told Outlook 2003 to not use Cached mode and exited it, I went and renamed my OST file.

I fired up Outlook and I can see it building a new OST file. Outlook says Online, the Send/Recieve progress window shows Synchronizing server changes in folder " <foldername>" .

So, something is screwy. It shouldn't be trying to build an OST.

I will now delete this profile, and create a new one per the post above and see what happens.

*edit* A new profile, told to not use cached mode, behaves properly. I don't know if this has fixed the reminder issue though. I am going to use this new, non cached profile, to see if I have reminders on Monday or not.

Allen Maloy

Since my posting I have upgraded my phone to WinMo 6.1 and the issue is better. I don't get nightly past due reminders as in the past but the problem still exists.


I have an HTC Fuze which is running Windows Mobile 6.1 and I am experiencing these problems. As stated above, this is only happening to re-occuring reminders. It appears that Microsoft is acknowledging this issue as there is a knowledgebase topic on their site. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/957208 There is a hotfix, but MS basically is recommending to wait for this to be on an update before installing. Hope this helps


Incase this issue is still unsolved...

Here is what I discovered. I had MANY calenders, i.e hotmail via connector, multiple test calenders in outlook, and a few that were even in the deleted items, and one in a deleted item in an OLD archive folder. No matter where a calender is, even if deleted, or if in an obscure archive folder, you will still get reminders from those.

If you do any on-line sync with other services (Plaxo, Google, Hotmail, etc) you will have multiple calendars and or duplicate contacts. You can also have issues if you have dates in any contacts. I used to keep my employees date of birth in outlook in the details tab. That automatically adds a calendar entry and can be hard to find if you have lots of contacts or use sync services like Plaxo or others that add dates.

If you Sync your PDA with multiple computers, you can also find you have duplicate calendar entries as well as contacts. I sync work via exchange, and hard sync at home, however, I have to routinly go through my calendar and cotacts to get rid of duplicates. it just kinda explodes itself if you use your device and computer to the max.

Anyhow, after a bit of deleting,my problems finally went away.


Hello - Has anyone applied this HotFix from MS? I have one user having this issue with 1,300 users on the server. I hate to risk 1,299 users to help out one... So, has anyone applied this fix and, if so, did it fix the problem and did it have any bad affects on any other users?



Use one of the following to work around this behavior of regularly/continuously popping-up of dismissed and deleted Outlook reminders and tasks : If Outlook is not running, start Outlook, and keep Outlook running to receive reminders. When you create reminders, verify that they are saved in your primary Calendar or Task folder. Exit Outlook, click Start, point to Run, type outlook /cleanreminders, and then click OK. Exit Outlook, click Start, point to Run, type outlook /resetfolders, and click OK. Use this method if the /cleanreminders switch does not resolve the problem. If the /resetfolders switch gives an error to the effect that your .pst file location for your Primary Folder is corrupted, run scanpst.exe file to fix the corrupted .pst file. The scanpst.exe file is located in the default installation folder for Microsoft Office (in case of Office 2007, the default location is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12" folder) Once you have used the scanpst.exe file to fix the corrupted .pst file, click Start, point to Run, type outlook /resetfolders. Launch Outlook normally and it should stop popping up the dismissed and deleted reminders.

Hope this fixes your problems. Don't forget to post your thanks on this forum.
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