Outlook is not saving sent items

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I'm having a minor nightmare!  None of my sent items are being saved to the "sent items" file.  I have done the tools/options thing to make sure its flagged to "save sent items".  But nothing seems to make them save.

Any ideas?  Am I missing something?

B x

Harpreet Singh Khandiyal

-> Try to use OWA and have a check if you can see the sent items?

-> Check with a new outlook profile and see if it works fine?

To create a new outlook profile, go to control panel, then mail and then click on profile.

Click New, and configure mail with this account?

-> Also if possible try to check the same on another machine or with a different windows account(need to check if there is any issues with the OST file)


Issue description: Messages not goes into "Send Items" folder

Please try Harpreet's steps at first

Collect info:

1.       Version: outlook

2.       Which type of mail account do you use, exchange, POP3 or IMAP4? And how many accounts do you have in the profile? Please check other "Send Items" folders

3.       You have checked "Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder", right?


1.       Ensure it's not a "View" problem

a.       "Properties" of "Send Items" folder, select "Show total number of items"

b.      Send test mail and check the number

2.       Start outlook in safe mode <Start->Run->outlook /safe>, and test issue

Notes: It can disable 3rd-party Add-ins for testing, so if issue weren't persisted, we can determine the cause is Add-ins

3.       Uncheck all rules on the issued outlook and test issue again



Hello all:

I'm replying to this thread because it is the top hit in my search for a resolution to this issue. Here is my situation, and first, I'll cover the obvious:

1) Outlook version (2010)

2) Filter settings are OFF

3) Outlook Options>Mail>Save Messages> Save Copies of messages in the Sent Items folder is checked

4) No custom views are set.The current view is "Preview"

5) Checked account in OWA, cannot view the Sent Items there either.

6) Have tried deleting the email profile, and re-creating it. No success.

7) Tried starting Outlook with the /resetfolderviews switch. No success.

8) Tried starting Outlook in safe mode. No success.

9) Tried adding the problem mailbox to a another profile and viewing the contents, I get the behavior I describe below.

This is the behavior I'm seeing:

1) Outlook is reporting that there are 1,154 items in the Sent Items folder, but when you click on the folder it shows "There are no items to show in this view".

2) If you CHANGE THE VIEW while in Sent Items, the Sent messages appear . HOWEVER, you click OFF the Sent Items folder, and back ON to it again, the Sent Items disappear and I'm back to "There are no items to show in this view."

Any further assistance on this issue would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.



I would like add that the Exchange Server version is 2007. As displayed across the web, this is NOT a "view" issue, and the user also sees "The folder could not be created because it already exists" when they login to OWA.

Thank you. :)
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