Export-Mailbox returns "StatusCode : -1056749164" ??

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I'm trying to do a " daily changes" backup of mailboxes on our exchange 2007. For this I'm using Export-Mailbox together with Outlook 2007.. But quite a bunch of the exports returns an error.

Error was found for Peter Jensen (peter@domain.dk) because: Error occurred in the step: Moving messages. Failed to copy messages to the destination mailbox store with error:

MAPI or an unspecified service provider.

ID no: 00000000-0000-00000000, error code: -1056749164

At :line:23 char:16

+ Export-Mailbox <<<< -Identity $mx.Alias -PstFolderPath c:\PstFiles\$day_yesterday -StartDate $date_yesterday -EndDate $date_yesterday -Confirmfalse

Identity : rp.local/OwnOrg/domain/peter

DistinguishedName : CN=peter_org,OU=domain,OU=OwnOrg

DisplayName : Peter Jensen

Alias : peter_org

LegacyExchangeDN : /o=RP/ou=Exchange Administrative
Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipi

PrimarySmtpAddress : peter@domain.dk

SourceServer : EXCDB01.rp.local

SourceDatabase : EXCDB01Exchange Storage
Group\Exchange Database

SourceGlobalCatalog : AD01

SourceDomainController :

TargetGlobalCatalog : AD01

TargetDomainController :

TargetMailbox :

TargetServer :

TargetDatabase :

MailboxSize : 2930349KB

IsResourceMailbox : False

SIDUsedInMatch :

SMTPProxies :

SourceManager :

SourceDirectReports :

SourcePublicDelegates :

SourcePublicDelegatesBL :

SourceAltRecipient :

SourceAltRecipientBL :

SourceDeliverAndRedirect :

MatchedTargetNTAccountDN :

IsMatchedNTAccountMailboxEnabled :

MatchedContactsDNList :

TargetNTAccountDNToCreate :

TargetManager :

TargetDirectReports :

TargetPublicDelegates :

TargetPublicDelegatesBL :

TargetAltRecipient :

TargetAltRecipientBL :

TargetDeliverAndRedirect :

Options : Default

SourceForestCredential :

TargetForestCredential :

TargetFolder :

PSTFilePath : c:\PstFiles\onsdag\peter_org.pst

RsgMailboxGuid :

RsgMailboxLegacyExchangeDN :

RsgMailboxDisplayName :

RsgDatabaseGuid :

StandardMessagesDeleted : 0

AssociatedMessagesDeleted : 0

DumpsterMessagesDeleted : 0

MoveType : ExportToPST

MoveStage : Move

StartTime : 04-12-2008 22:01:47

EndTime : 04-12-2008 22:02:00

StatusCode : -1056749164

StatusMessage : Error occurred in the step: Moving
messages. Failed to copy messages
to the destination mailbox store
with error:
MAPI or an unspecified service pro
ID no: 00000000-0000-00000000

ReportFile : C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchang
e Server\Logging\MigrationLogs\exp

Any idea what could be the issue ?? Tha account running the command has domain admin rights - and the following command has been run before export-mailbox:

Add-MailboxPermission -User UsSerAcct -AccessRights FullAccess -Identity peter_org

The exchange server is running 2007 SP1 Rollup 4 ....

A logfile from a similar export contains:

[05-12-2008 08:03:41] [0] [peter_org] The following bad item was found when moving messages:
<badItem errorCode='0x80004005' flags='0x00000000'>
<folder id='EF000000198262C0AA6611CD9BC800AA002FC45A0000010000000100001C648CC76A'>Kladder</folder>

Does this mean, that an English Outlook cannot export mailboxes with Danish locale/folder names ??

Searching google it seems like a lot of other people also have this error....



Mike Shen


The issue can be caused by several factors, please check:

1. Receive As or Send As DENY permission is applied on the account you are using to run export-mailbox command.

2. Please ensure the Group Policy force Outlook to use cached mode is disabled:

See the following link, under the topic " Using Group Policy to enforce Cached Exchange Mode settings" for more information on the policy setting:


For Outlook 2003, the cached mode policy setting is stored in the registry under

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\Cached Mode

For Outlook 2007, the policy setting is in

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\Cached Mode

3. Move the mailbox to another mailbox store to check whether the issue still persists.



I believe you do not have domain admin right and exchange admin right.
make sure primary account should be domain admin.
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