Outlook 2010 Contact list Transfer

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I have 3 contact lists in my outlook 2010 on my desktop which were updated from Outlook 2007. I would like to "copy" them to a new laptop with Outlook 2010. There I want to combine them and eliminate duplicates and obsolete contacts. After I have created the new revised contact list, I would like to send a "copy" back to my desktop.

Somasundaram Pandiaraj

As suggested by Diane, importing a copy of the .PST file from the desktop, working on duplicates and then pasting the finished file back to the desktop is the best solution. The article KB 291627 will help you in copying the .pst file.

Diane Poremsky

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No, don't import. If he is talking about DLs, importing will break them. Pasting a pst over another of the same name will break the address book service. Copy the pst, open it in the profile and move contacts from one pst to another.
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