Outlook 2003 Calendar Event Tracking doesn't update all replied attendees

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One of the employees in our company is having a problem with the Outlook 2003 Calendar Event Tracking system. The tracking system doesn't update all replies. It sometimes will update the replied attendee status, but for some emails when a user replies, it doesn't update their status in the tracking system. It's kind of a big problem, because she uses that to keep track of how many people are going to attend her meetings.

Anyone have any idea why?



Mike Shen




Please understand that for Outlook 2003/Exchange 2003, the sniffer process in Outlook is responsible for updating the tracking tab for meeting responses. For this to happen via the sniffer process, the option to “Process requests and responses on arrival” needs to be enabled from “Tools | Options | Email Options | Tracking Options”. The sniffer feature is a MAPI idle time task. When you start Outlook, the sniffer process is registered as an IDLE task and only performs its functions when MAPI thinks there is some idle time, at which point it calls the sniffer code to perform its responsibilities.


According to your description, some replies are updated but the others do not get updated. Therefore I think the option “Process requests and responses on arrival” has been selected.


At this time, please attempt the following method to troubleshoot the issue:


1. Please let me know whether the mailbox is on Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007 server? If you have Exchanget 2003, please go ahead and perform the following steps to troubleshoot the issue.

2. Please open the replied message which does not updated in tracking tab and check whether the tracking tab get updated this time.

3. Please let me know whether any rules exist which will move the replies message to another folder. Please understand that the sniffer process only handle message in the Inbox folder when MAPI thinks there is some idle time. Therefore, if some rules move the replied message to other folders (or manual move) before the sniffer handles message, the tracking tab is not get updated.

4. Once sniffer handled the message, it will put the PR_Processed property of the message to True. Nevertheless, some outlook add-ins or blackberry may put the same property before sniffer handled the message. If sniffer process notices the PR_Processed property has been set to True, it will not handle the message again. Therefore, I suggest you disable the third-party add-ins on the Outlook to troubleshoot the issue (start Outlook with /Safe switch) or configure a new profile for the user on known good client to troubleshoot the issue. Please also let me know whether any mobility device such as blackberry needs to access the user's mailbox.


5. Please also let me know whether the user only access his mailbox by using an Outlook at same time. Whether user has any delegates configured?






Hi Mike,

thanks for the reply. As for your suggestions, let me just go down the list.

To Start off, "Process requests and responses on arrival" is enabled.

1. We are using Exchange Server 2003

2. Opening replied messages does not cause tracking to update message status

3. The client has no rules set for anything.

4. Our client is using a Blackberry, with the Blackberry Desktop Redirector software. Considering the other issues we've been having with the Blackberry, I have a feeling that this may be causing it. The redirector software does access the user's mailbox.

5. There are no delegates configured.

I don't suppose you can tell me whether or not that software is the issue, or if there is a way around it?

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.


Mike Shen




Sorry for delay in response.


I would like to explain that you can use the MFCMAPI to view the meeting accepted/declined message to check whether the PR_Processed property exists and have been set to true. I would like to explain that for a meeting accepted/declined message which has not been handled by sniffer, the PR_Processed property should be missed.


1.      Run MFCMapi on the client and logon the profile of the problem user

2.      Open the user's mailbox and Inbox folder

3.      Locate the problem meeting accepted/declined message which does not been updated on Tracking tab, please check whether the PR_Processed exists.


If the PR_Processed property exists and has been set to True, I think that something access the message and set the property before the sniffer process handle the message.


At this time, we need to troubleshoot the issue by using following aspects:


Step 1:


1. Please Double click the PR_Processed property to edit it

2. Uncheck the Boolean and click Ok

3. Open Outlook and open the meeting accepted/declined message again.

4. Please check whether the Tracking tab for the attendee could be updated correctly. If the attendee could be updated correctly, we can conclude that the Sniffer process works well.


Step 2:


1. To check BlackBerry issue. I suggest you temporarily disable the Blackberry device several days to check whether the issue persists.


Step 3: Disable all Outlook Add-ins to check.
1> Launch Outlook application.
2> Click Tools --> Options, click Other tab.
3> Click Advanced Options.
4> Click COM Add-Ins button.
5> Uncheck All Add-ins.
6> Close outlook.

7> Backup/export these registry entries and then delete them one by one.

You could export below registry subkeys as backup, then delete them one by one.






8> Check if 3rd party DLL files using ProcessExplorer.

a) Download Process Explorer from



b) Launch Outlook application.

c) Run Process Explorer as administrator, accepted license.

d) Locate to outlook.exe, and select Outlook.exe, click view --> Lower Pane View --> DLLS, and then click “Company Name” to sort by company name. If there is no other company name, except Microsoft and blank. All third-party add-ins have been removed.


After that, please monitor the issue for several days to check whether the issue occurs again. If the issue does not occur, I think that some Outlook Add-ins access the message and set the PR_Processed property. If the issue still persists, I think that the third-party Outlook Add-ins is not the cause of the issue.





Hi Mike,

thanks for the help.

After a little bit in testing, we have concluded that it was the blackberry software. After disabling the software, the issue no longer exists.

thanks again for the help!


Marco Houle

Quick clarification please?

I have a client with the same problem. We are using BES 4.1 SP6 (I think)... When you say you disabled the software, do you mean you uninstalled the BB Desktop Redirector? With BES 4.1, my users are fully wireless and they rarely use the BB Desktop Manager... If you can, could you just explain with more details what you did to disable the BB software?





I have an internal user who has the same problem.  They have a delegate who is using Outlook 2007 SP2.  Are we referring to the BB Desktop Manager software?



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